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Farming. The relevance of the topic today in the world is rapidly developing such a sector of the national economy as farming. Practically in any city or settlement there is a person who is engaged in this business. Until recently, farming has faded considerably, but in recent years it has again been actively thriving and bringing huge profits to its owners.

It should be noted that farming allows you to market such valuable products as, for example, meat (pork, beef, poultry), milk and dairy products (sour cream, cottage cheese, cream), eggs, offal (liver, kidney), animal hair, down Meat and milk are mandatory components of food, in this regard, they will always be in demand, and this, in turn, guarantees profit for private entrepreneurs.

To organize your own farm, you need to have a large initial capital and not only. It is also important to know the basic principles of its planning and development, the principles of management of the economy itself and knowledge of the points of sale of products. There is all this available, then you can safely get down to business. Let us consider in more detail how to organize a business plan for a farm.

Planning and purchase of equipment

One of the most expensive along with the purchase of feed (if it is a livestock farm) will be the purchase of equipment. Equipment can be found by asking the right information from neighboring farmers. Very important is the fact that it can take several months in time, because after buying it you also need to rationally install and install it. The next important point is the layout of the room itself. If it is animal husbandry or poultry farming, then organization of stalls for livestock or poultry cages will be mandatory. Individual feeders and devices for manure and garbage collection are also installed here.

Pig farm

Pig breeding is one of the most common and profitable areas of farming. An interesting fact is that pork is second in demand for meat after poultry, as it is cheaper than beef, and has good taste. Its consumption is 30% of all meat products. The size of the pig farms are divided into 3 groups. The first of them is large pig breeding complexes, where the livestock numbers more than 12,000. The second is from 100 to 12000 and the third is private land, where there are less than 100 animals.

The advantage of breeding pigs is that they grow very quickly, about 10 times faster than cattle. This makes them indispensable and very valuable in the market. In addition, they also gain mass quickly. By the age of 6 months with good feeding, pigs can weigh 100 kg and are ready for slaughter. Another advantage is that these animals fully utilize and absorb all the nutrients from the feed. Pigs are unpretentious in food and content. They multiply well. If there are 300-350 heads of sows, there should be 15-10 boars, the rest are fed for slaughter.

Purchase of animals and the necessary food

Piglets or pigs can be purchased at the nearest livestock market. It is worth starting with 300-350 individuals, and buying queens and boars from different buyers in order to avoid crossbreeding and reduce livestock productivity. Such a number of pigs will require a huge amount of feed. Up to 35 tons of feed will be required per year, as well as approximately 300 kg of special additives. The latter is obligatory, as top dressing contains vitamins and minerals necessary for the body of pigs, which may be scarce in the daily diet. Proper balanced nutrition will contribute to the rapid growth and proper development of young and adult individuals. Seriously it is necessary to treat the points of purchase of feed. It is important that the supplier sells quality products, otherwise the profit may be zero.

Poultry farming

Bird - the main product of the meat industry in recent years. The reasons for this are the low cost of meat on the market, high demand, ease of breeding poultry. The bird, and mainly chicken, is ranked first in terms of consumption, leaving behind pork and beef. Consider how to open from scratch poultry farm. In contrast to the pig industry, such a business does not require expensive equipment and large areas for premises. A business from scratch to grow chickens is considered very profitable, the profitability is 100%. Chickens are the main supplier of eggs and meat. The conditions of detention are especially simple for them: they require constant care and observation, which takes from 2 to 4 hours a day.

The bird is contained in chicken coops with individual or collective feeders, and a certain rule must be observed: all birds are fed at about the same time. Dry coma, chopped grass, cereals, bread and so on are introduced into the diet. Feed the chickens should be filled. Finely chopped shells or gravel are poured into the feeders so that the birds can compensate for the calcium deficiency.

Principles of breeding geese

In poultry farming, they also breed geese. Geese are a valuable source of meat, goose liver, eggs, fluff. Newborn chicks are raised in a farm for about 4 months. In the last month they are fed in a special way - only corn. It provides a quick weight gain, and also improves the taste of meat. The weight of a goose can reach 10 kg. Their egg production is not so great. In the first year it is very low, and in the next 3 years it is high. The cycle of growing birds lasts about 4 years, since in the future it becomes hopeless. At the same time old females are immediately slaughtered for meat.

Breeding geese from scratch gives a good profit. Based on the foregoing, it can be concluded that not everyone can build a farm, and it cannot be equipped in a short time. This requires a large initial capital, knowledge of the business and organizational skills. The most promising direction is the poultry industry due to the low costs and unpretentiousness of the bird.

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